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I'm barely starting out and the people from personally walking in they have been superb. I'll think I'll for right in lol. But seriously if anybody should stumble across this site you won't regret anything.Great deal awsome people the works. TRUST!!!
I would love to have this book to add to my collection. I have Multiple Sclerosis and kntntiig helps me to relax and keep my mind off of everything that I am having to deal with at this time. I do not get to go out and get kntntiig books anymore due to many reasons. Knitting is my medicine to keep me going!
I would love to have a copy of this book. I have learned to knit with two corlos but not more, and I think the patterns in this book would be a great incentive not to mention the fact I live in Minnesota! Also, I'm not great at thumbs/fingers without holes yet would love an opportunity to learn to do this better.Thank you for your offer!
I am very happy with the customer service I have received with wholesale tattoo over the phone. I forgot to order replacement contact posts and other parts for my machines and they got them shipped a few hours after my order was placed.......thanx guys yall are the greatest
Great quality and very professional with every order. They have no prob with fixing any mix up in an orderand are quick at getting it done.
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I left the shop and set out to make a mark.
I left the shop and set out to make a mark.
It is supposed to show that you tevral frequently between two time zones (as celebrities often do), like if you live in New York but often work in LA, or have homes in London and New York. Its pretty silly and ostentatious, but even sillier and more ostentatious if you don't actually live like that.
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