Tattoo Designs

If you have any tattoo designs you would like shared, direct an email to with your picture in the attachments, and we might feature it on the site and our social media!

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Я ваще такова не видел!!!это круто!!
I've Recently just regained my freedom and lost all my drawings and flash if any bodies got any laying around they would've willing to help me get back on my feet it would be greatly apprieced l'll pay all shipping my current addresses 300 Shelton drive olive hill kentucky 41164. I just order new machines and all I need but the flash put me up over 700 dollars and I couldn't afford it '''
she does okay with it too except when she gets tired then she said she walks with a bit of a limp. So glad your day was okay and that you could spend some time etinag candy and reading a new magazine. LOL on etinag the candy!
Can u send a catalog out to my home,and how do i go about getting flash art?
Need flash for wall in tattoo shop exclusive iiish please...
Needing flash for walls on a new shop.
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