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Spirit Tattoo Stencil Transfer Cream 4oz Bottle

Spirit - Tattoo Stencil Transfer Cream, 4 oz

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Spirit Tattoo Stencil Transfer Cream 4oz Bottle

From the makers of Spirit Tattoo Transfer Paper, here comes the Spirit Transfer Cream, the first stencil agent in the world specially designed to work in combination with both thermal and freehand Spirit Tattoo Transfer papers. Spirit Transfer Cream increases the on-body stencil life, allowing artists to do multiple sessions without replacing the stencil.

This 100% vegan product is made up of mild organic solvents that help transfer the stencil on to the skin. The cream also consists of a lipid buffer layer to lock dye and pigment in place on top of the skin. Transfers come out remarkably crisp, vibrant and clear.

This product has never been tested on animals.


    100% Vegan
    Works with Freehand and Thermal paper
    Crisp, Clear, Vibrant Transfer
    Buffer Layer Locks in Dye on Skin
    Safe to use on all skin types

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