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2 Machine R Kit

Pen Style Machine Apprentice Kit with Power Supply & Radiant Ink

List price: $175.00  
Price in points: 1920 points

Pen Style MachineImage result for ink cups

Pen Style Machine

Foot Pedal

Tattoo Ink

ink cups

 mini power supply 

 Mini Power Supply

Ink Stand

Cartridge Needles

Gloves and Blank Practice Skin

Package Includes:
rotary machine  - 1pcs;
Radiant 1oz Ink - 1 pcs(Color: Outlining Harajuku);
Min power supply  USA/EU;
foot pedal;
gloves - 1 pair;
practice skin blank;
ink cups - S,M,L mixed;
ink cup stand;
mix sizes cartridge needles - 20pcs (5RL,7RL,9RL,7RS,7MS,7 5pcs of each.);
s/s tips - 5pcs (3RT,5RT,7RT,9RT,5FT);
skin pen;

Products included may vary.



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