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2 Machine R Kit

2 Rotary Machine Apprentice Tattoo Kit with Power Supply & Radiant Ink

List price: $300.00  
Price in points: 2999 points

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Power Supply

Foot Pedal

Tattoo Ink

ink cups


Pen Rotaty

Short Rotary Machine

Cartridge Needles

Gloves and Blank Practice Skin

Package Includes:
rotary machines  - 2pcs;
Radiant 1oz Ink - 1 pcs(Color: Outlining Harajuku);
premium power supply  USA/EU;
foot pedal;
gloves - 1 pair;
practice skin blank;
ink cups - S,M,L mixed;
ink cup stand;
mix sizes cartridge needles - 20pcs (5RL,7RL,9RL,7RS,7MS,7 5pcs of each.);
s/s tips - 5pcs (3RT,5RT,7RT,9RT,5FT);
skin pen;

Products included may vary

For an additional $15 you can purchase a kit case that will fit all the equipment perfectly. 


For an additional $15 you can add a basics fundamental of tattoo learning book


Or bundle them both for an additional $29.


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